Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK

Sponsers and Partners

Education Section, Embassy of China BJMU

Recruitment Information

Deallus MedChemExpress


Honorary Chairman:

Professor RAO Zihe

Executive Chairman:

Dr. HU Henglong

Vice Executive Chairmen:

Professor DU Mingqing (Vice Chairman)
Dr. WANG Wei (Vice Chairman)
Dr XU Qihe (Vice Chairman)

Executive Secretary Group:

Dr. YANG Shiyu (Secretary-General)
Dr. FANG Xin (Deputy Secretary-General, CIO, IT)
Dr. HU Youli (Deputy Secretary-General, Editor-in-Chief for Newsletter)

IT Group:

Dr. DENG Jing (IT Manager)
Dr. FANG Xin

Treasure Group:

Dr. GAO Bin (Treasurer)
Dr. DONG Xuebin (Executive Treasurer)

Executive Standing Committee Members:
Dr. LIU Hongxiang (Standing Committee Member)
Professor LU Xin (Standing Committee Member)
Professor XU Qingbo (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. LEI Ming (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. CAI Shijie (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. TANG Mengxing (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. SHEN Minghong (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. CHEN Dongfang (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. XU Xiaoning (Standing Committee Member)
Dr. LI Xiaopeng (Correspondent Standing Committee Member)

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