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The 22nd CLSS-UK annual conference was successfully held at
Imperial College London on 10 September 2016.

The 22nd annual conference of the Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK (CLSS-UK) was successfully held at Imperial College London on 10 September 2016. Professor Paul French, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College London, gave the opening speech and also a plenary lecture. Mr. Yongli Wang, the Minister Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy in London attended the conference as our distinguished guest and gave the closing speech. More than 50 leading academic and industrial researchers from the UK and China attended the conference.


In the opening speech of Professor Paul French, he emphasised that as one of the world-class universities, Imperial College and its Chinese counterparts had established close cooperation in all disciplines; particularly since the 2015 State Visit of President Xi Jinping, the connections between Imperial and Chinese universities have been further strengthened. It is believed that the CLSS-UK could serve as a bridge to further increase mutual understanding between the UK and China and create more educational and research collaborations.


Thereafter, Professor French gave the plenary lecture entitled "Multidimensional fluorescence imaging across the scales". Three invited talks were given by Dr. Wei Cui from Imperial College, Dr. Dejian Zhou from the University of Leeds and Dr. Hao Qu from the Tuoren Group, China (one of the conference sponsors). A number of selected PhD students and young investigators from various UK institutions also presented their research projects.




At the Career Development Forum, Professor Wen Wang, Head of the School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London, Dr. Jin Chuan Zhou form the Francis Crick Institute and Dr. Hao Qu from the Tuoren Group shared their career experience with all the audience.

Mr Yongli Wang, the Minister Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy in London, gave closing remarks.

After the meeting, all participants had the conference dinner at the 170 Queen’s Gate. Mr. Yongli Wang, Professor Paul French, Professor Daqing Ma (the current President of the CLSS-UK), Professor Xiao Yun Xu (the former President of the CLSS-UK) presented prizes and certificates to the oral presentation winners (Dr Lei Song from Oxford University, Dr Jin Chuan Zhou from the Francis Crick Institute, Ms Samantha Arokiasamy from Queen Mary University of London, and Ms Yaoyao Wang from King’s College London) and the poster presentation winners (Ms Shiqi Wang and Mr Cong Hu from Imperial College).


Finally, special thanks to the conference sponsors, TuoRen Group and the Embassy of China in the UK. Also we grateful acknowledge the local conference organisation committees for their hard work.



Local Conference Organisation Committee

Daqing Ma
Jia Li
Lin Chen
Cong Hu
Qiwei Xiao

Xiao Yun Xu
Hailin Zhao
Tianci Li
Shiqi Wang
Yu Huang

Rongjun Chen
Siyuan Chen
Qian Chen
Cui Jiang
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