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17-08-2016 Changing Clinical Practice for Better Outcomes of Surgical Patients

13-05-2016 Chunhui Trip March 2016

14-05-2013 Introductory Meeting of Policy on High-Tech Innovation, Professional Incubation Model of Enterprise & Overseas Talents Innovation Forum, Nanjing China – London UK

18-04-2012 CLSS-UK visit Chongqing and Nanjing during 09 to 14 April 2012

17-04-2012 “2012中国(南京)国际生物医药创新与合作大会”诚邀报名

28-02-2012 International Conference of Physiological Sciences, Suzhou, China, Nov 1-4, 2012

21-11-2011 Beijing Zhong Guan Cun 2011 Christmas Event Announcement

14-10-2011 Tianjin Medical University recruiment

26-08-2011 CLSS-UK Signed Collaboration Memorandum with CAST

25-08-2011 Beijing Zhong Guan Cun 2011 Event Announcement

15-06-2011 UK 2011 China Forum - 19th June London

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